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How the Big Pitch Winner Elysian Gardens is Building Community

Nestled within the heart of Avondale, Elysian Gardens stands as a testament to the power of artistic vision and community engagement. This whimsical sculpture park is a place where art and nature converge, offering visitors a unique experience that blends the world of sculpture with the charm of a bar and event space.

William Coburn Jr., the owner of Iron Age Studio, was deeply influenced by his childhood spent in Birmingham and nurtured by a family rooted in engineering and artistry. These formative experiences provided Coburn with the perfect blend of skills needed to bring his vision to life. Drawing inspiration from nature, flowers and sketches, he creates unique and stunning metal sculptures.

Ironically, the idea of the gardens came from Jimmy Buffet. That’s right, Coburn used to live in Fairhope next to the Margaritaville king himself. Lucy and Jimmy Buffet inspired him to create an entertainment area with a mix of his own art and live music. Later in 2014, he saw the growth of Birmingham and decided to begin his new endeavor back in the city he grew up in.

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