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Digital Health Startup Acclinate Plans to Add 25 Workers in Birmingham Expansion

Acclinate, a digital health company that’s confronting the problems posed by the underrepresentation of people of color in clinical research, plans to launch a growth project in Birmingham that will add 25 new full-time workers, according to the Alabama Department of Commerce.

Birmingham-based Acclinate couples community engagement with data analysis to assist biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare researchers in enhancing the diversity of their clinical trials and other health initiatives.

Acclinate’s community platform, NOWINCLUDED, provides health resources, education, and support to help people of color take control of their health and learn about research opportunities. From there, Acclinate clients use the AI/ML platform, e-DICT, to find reporting on their project efforts and unique insights around community members’ willingness to participate in research.

“As we expand our presence in Birmingham, Acclinate remains committed to our mission of health equity through inclusive research,” CEO and Co-founder Dr. Del Smith said.

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