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Cala Coffee: The Newest Coffee Shop Brewing in Birmingham

Amid the pandemic, when many found themselves at home searching for new hobbies, Josh Cosio and his wife, Melanie, embarked on a unique journey – roasting coffee at home. What began as a simple passion project soon evolved into something much more remarkable. Just two years after completing their inaugural batch of home-roasted beans, Cala Coffee has swiftly taken root, with not one but two Birmingham locations.

The newest Cala Coffee is set to open next week in the previous Revelator space right across from the Alabama Theatre. However, less than a year ago, Cala Coffee opened its first location in Cahaba Heights and has already made a huge impact on the coffee scene in Birmingham. Originally from California, the Cosio family made a cross-country journey to Alabama in pursuit of a job opportunity. Little did they know this decision would have a lasting impact on the entire city. As they ventured into the world of coffee roasting, the name “Cala Coffee” emerged, symbolizing the fusion of their newfound Alabama home with their California roots.

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