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Birmingham has more technology.

From launching your startup to selling your billion-dollar idea, the Greater Birmingham Region provides an encouraging ecosystem for tech companies of all kinds.

Technology has played a pivotal role in the enduring transformation of the Greater Birmingham Region. Rooted in its historical connection to the steel industry, our region has seen a continual embrace of cutting-edge technology by visionary entrepreneurs. This enduring legacy is visible today as Birmingham takes the lead in optimizing grocery shopping, streamlining trucking operations and fortifying the security of financial institutions’ data. Birmingham stands as a trailblazer in technology and innovation, driving the region’s growth.

There’s no other place we could imagine our headquarters than in Birmingham.

Founder — Landing, Shipt
Educational Institutions in Alabama Each Offer a Four-Year Degree in Tech.
Average Tech Wage
Educational Institutions in Alabama Each Offer a Four-Year Degree in Tech.
in Venture Capital Funding in 2023

Technology Employers

The Ecosystem

Partners: From large technology corporations to a growing startup, it’s easy for organizations and talent to make Birmingham their home through our vibrant tech ecosystem. With organizations like Birmingham Bound and TechBirmingham, community is not hard to find. Birmingham Bound supports by quickly plugging in tech founders into our vibrant community of innovators, while TechBirmingham assists in making valuable introductions and provides learning opportunities through curated programming and conferences to develop talent from entry-level to top executive. Innovation Depot is central to Birmingham’s tech community by serving as a physical hub to over 100 businesses in various sectors while providing a massive 140,000 square feet of office space as well as offering strategic assistance and support. Through collaboration with each other, these organizations work in partnership to meet the needs of the region.

Funding: The tech funding landscape is evolving to support entrepreneurial ventures and economic development, with over 36 VC deals in 2023. The Alabama Futures Fund, a seed-stage venture capital fund, is a significant player in this arena, providing critical financial backing to startups and innovative projects. Complementing this, the Alabama Capital Network, which serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs by offering access to capital, vital information and connections, successfully raised nearly $18.5 million in VC funding in 2023. These organizations are pivotal in fueling the growth of Alabama’s tech ecosystem, ensuring that promising tech startups have the resources they need to succeed.

Training: Alabama is committed to nurturing tech talent from an early age through various education initiatives. Apple’s ED Farm focuses on early education and coding, providing students with the foundational skills needed for future tech careers. On the other hand, Magic City Data Collective is an experiential learning program that brings together students, researchers, and data experts with a focus on underrepresented students. There are also boot camp intensive training programs, with platforms like CAVU providing adult career development training in Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Birmingham has more stories.

Birmingham has
more stories.

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