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Birmingham has more advanced manufacturing.

With a rich history rooted in iron and steel, the Greater Birmingham Region has seamlessly transitioned into a thriving hub for over 1,300 companies in manufacturing, spanning diverse sectors like metals, food, chemicals, mobility, composites and machinery.

Birmingham’s strength as a manufacturing stronghold is rooted in its adaptability, commitment to innovation and investment in workforce development, creating an ideal environment for companies seeking success in advanced manufacturing. The region’s appeal is not only tied to its industrial heritage but also to its ability to diversify its economy while preserving its manufacturing roots.

In the past three years, there has been nearly 10,000 graduates from 2- and 4-year programs with a degree related to manufacturing in the state of Alabama.

$380+ Million
in Exports
As Many Primary Metal Jobs As the Average U.S. Metro
$380+ Million
in Exports
$1 Billion
in Capital Investments Over the Past Five Years

Advanced Manufacturing Employers

Workforce Development

In an ambitious move to fortify Alabama’s manufacturing sector, Central Six Alabama Works has partnered with Lawson State and Jefferson State Community Colleges to offer specialized apprenticeships in welding, machinery, and industrial maintenance. This initiative, coupled with the efforts of AIDT, the state’s premier workforce training agency ranked #2 nationally, underscores Alabama’s commitment to nurturing a highly skilled workforce. AIDT’s track record of assisting over 5,450 companies and training more than 980,000 Alabamians, generating an economic impact of nearly $6.5 billion in the 2021-2022 period, highlights the substantial return on investment in workforce development. With average yearly earnings per job nearing $79,000, these programs not only promise rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing but also drive significant economic growth across the state.

Birmingham has more stories.

Birmingham has
more stories.

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