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of the State’s Total GDP is from the Greater Birmingham Region
9% Lower
Cost of Living than the National Average

Birmingham has more opportunityopportunity.

See why so many businesses call the Greater Birmingham Region home.

Annual College Graduates
People in the Greater Birmingham Region

Birmingham has more talenttalent.

Get to know the diverse culture making the Greater Birmingham Region better every day.

No. 1
List of Unexpected Foodie Destinations
James Beard Award Winners

Birmingham has more flavorflavor.

Find out why you’ll fall in love with life in the Greater Birmingham Region.

Fastest Growing City for Jobs in U.S.
Average Cost of a House
No. 26
Cities with Most Green Space Per Capita
Property Tax in the Continental U.S.

Birmingham has more than you could ever imagine.

Home to 1.1 million people across seven counties, the Greater Birmingham Region serves as a launchpad for thriving businesses, new ideas and strong connections. We’ve got something for everyone here.

Birmingham has more employers.

We are the
Greater Birmingham Region

The Greater Birmingham Region is a unified network of partners from seven Central Alabama counties working collectively to enhance economic development, talent recruitment and tourism opportunities for the entire region. 


Get to know the diverse community making Birmingham better every day.


Find out why you’ll fall in love with life in Birmingham.


See why so many businesses call Birmingham home.


See why so many businesses call Birmingham home.


Get to know the diverse community making Birmingham better every day.


Find out why you’ll fall in love with life in Birmingham.

Help us tell our story.

We created the Birmingham Has More campaign to promote our region’s economic growth and foster a shared sense of identity and purpose. Learn more about our messaging and branding materials to help us spread the word about our vibrant community.

Birmingham has more Culture

BHM is almost like a melting pot of the world

— Jeremy
Birmingham has more Potential

Good people, good locations, full of potential to drive growth.

— Ben
Birmingham has more Exploring

State Parks, greenways, local parks: lots of places to walk and explore with nature!

— Chris
Birmingham has more Education

It is why my wife and I live in Birmingham. We meet at BSC stayed here. We each owned our own small business, employing 50+ individuals

— William
Birmingham has more Generosity

We are a community filled with nonprofit organizations with a foundation of donors helping those organizations thrive which makes BHM thrive

— Kendall
Birmingham has more Startups

We have more opportunity, networks, resources, and support for startups to grow and founders to thrive!

— Abby
Birmingham has more Golf

We have the Robert Trent Jones Trail. People travel from all over to play all the courses on the trail.

— Shella
Birmingham has more Schools

We have many communities with world-class public schools

— Paul
Birmingham has more Kindness

I always hear from out of towners how nice everyone here is, and I'm lucky to get to see it for myself everyday in my community members

— Maurine
Birmingham has more Coffee

New coffee shops seem to be popping up every day — and I'm not complaining!

— Cecilia
Birmingham has more Belonging

You will find your people, whether it's an early morning workout group or post-work happy hour crew.

— Charlotte
Birmingham has more Compassion

The region cares about people and shows it through its philanthropy.

— Steve
Birmingham has more Community

Whether you are a born and raised local or a transplant, you can easily find a home and sense of belonging here.

— Trevor
Birmingham has more Walkability

From my condo downtown, I walk to work, a plethora of coffee shops, the best restaurants and bars in town and even my grocery store.

— Jacqueline
Birmingham has more Innovation

Birmingham is an amazing place filled with passionate people doing groundbreaking work in many industries.

— Tyler
Birmingham has more Impact

BHM is the only place in world where all the ingredients for making iron (coal, iron ore and limestone) are in a 10 mile radius.

— Cyd
Birmingham has more Nature

BHM has so many local outdoor activities and amazing hikes. Ruffner and Oak Mountain State Parks are local favorites.

— Taylor
Birmingham has more Food

We're so lucky to have such a great variety of good food. I love to travel for food and it always reminds me that we have it GOOD here!

— Mary Cate
Birmingham has more Brewing

BHM has a bounty of breweries. But it's also just got a lot brewing in almost every corner of the region.

— Mike
Birmingham has more Music

Living in Avondale, there is always good music within walking distance.

— Mary Cate
Birmingham has more Sauce

BBQ baby. But it's more than that. Birmingham has confidence and swagger. They've got that sauce.

— Mike
Birmingham has more Flavor

BHM is filled with world-class restaurants but it's a completely unique city with a flavor all it's own.

— Mike
Birmingham has more Events

There is always something cool to do here. Whether it is a concert of festival- someone is always celebrating.

— Carson
Birmingham has more Fitness

The fitness scene here has exploded in the last few years, and with all the wonderful outdoor spaces, there's no shortage of movement!

— Carson
Birmingham has more History

BHM is dripping with history. From historical neighborhoods to important civil rights monuments, we have a lot to look back on here.

— Emily

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